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Tumblr is, to me, the social media equivalent of the dried jizz of MySpace, but if anyone needed to learn a lesson about rage and its consequences, it's you. Ten years is too long to hate anybody.

(From here, bless Hogan:

"Whenever I feel anything vaguely resembling hatred, I never trust it to do anything useful except point me in the direction of one of my insecurities or deep wounds. I never trust hatred. I can barely put up with my contempt for certain things.

I look at people who use a lot of language to support the usefulness of rage and alI I see is a human puzzle, someone who has all the pieces that fit together to make one very vivid picture of the human material’s propensity for a lack of self-awareness.

I have acted on many rage impulses, and truth is that anything that got me angry was nothing more than a surrogate for some early slight in my life when I was humiliated or made to feel scared as a child. I know this now. Oh, I had pretty rationalizations for doing certain things, like stabbing my abusive father or picking up a gun to fight the Man, etc.  But those post hoc justifications are all fluff to me now.

Someone smarter than me once said something about if you want to take a measure of a person’s character, then take a look at the things that make them angry.

Throwback Thursday reveals a photo of me in full-throttle rage. Trying to disguise my woundedness behind a corpse-like mask of hate.  #notwinning



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